Thursday, 8 October 2015


A collection that has really stood out this coming season is Joseph's SS16 Collection.
I would be happy wearing every single piece, and can't wait for these pieces to drop in our stores! Its only just the beginning of winter season and my favourite part of SS16 collections is imagining those long warm summer days again. BRING ON THE HEAT!

What I love about this collection as it feels like he has considered the British Summer and what that entails so plenty of light knitwear and long sleeves to keep you warm on a cooler summer evening, but plenty of soft, light cottons and silks to keep you cool on those toasty sunny days.
The theme of layering and drop waist knots running through the collection is another example of Joseph's irresistible, simplistic and non fuss pattern cutting.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015


One of my favourite things to do when I go back home to Sydney is going out for brunch with friends and a nice big long walk by the seaside to work off all that bacon. In fact Sydney is world renowned for its brunch culture, and they are pretty hard to beat.

Well, here I was sitting at The Hive in Button Bradstock last weekend - feeling pleasantly surprised by how much it felt like home.

If you are ever in Somerset, then I would highly recommend a visit to The Hive - particularly for brunch although just as we were leaving we spotted some pretty scrumptious plates of fresh seafood - Lobster, Crab and nice cold bottles of Rose making their way out to the tables, so lunch sounds like a pretty good option too.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


There have been lots of fun trends coming through our fashion feeds these past few seasons. This trend starting popping up way back to FW15 and we love that it has stuck around for a while longer. It probably won't last forever but while it does, snap yourself up one of these 'wow factor' bags for an instant wardrobe update.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


On Saturday I was invited to come backstage at Markus Lupfer SS16 Presentation at London Fashion Week to see the wonderful Skyn Iceland products in action.

Monday, 21 September 2015


I have always loved androgenous dressing. Sure, a floral peplum skin tight dress with 10 inch heels is fabulous and my hat goes off to the girls that can pull this look off on a daily basis. I am a practical dresser, and I love statement pieces. These red pants have a wow factor but are equally comfortable and still have a tailored look. With a full day of backstage reporting at London Fashion Week and rushing between presentations and shows and not to mention the unpredictable London weather this was a perfect outfit for the days activities. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


1. Its okay to leave your children in their PJS ..all day. If it means they won't have a screaming tantrum every time you get them dressed then so be it. It will make bedtime routine easier too. Or in my sons case, leave him naked. It will only be a matter of time before he starts to undress again.
2. Throw out all notions of beauty and physical maintenance. Greasy un-groomed hair with 2 months of regrowth WILL become a fashion statement.
3. Cbeebies is your best friend. Peppa Pig on repeat is your second best friend.
4. One must be creative in finding activities for them. If you don't think you can manage another exhausting day out, then the simple pleasures of watching the garbage trucks go down the street should entertain your children for at least 10 minutes.
5. Be nice to your in-laws.  They may just offer to take the kids off your hands for a couple of hours. BE EXTRA NICE for an overnight stay.
6. Find a reliable babysitter and be extra nice to him or her too.. Hopefully she/he will decide to stay on with you even though your children can be little horrors.
7. Your house may look like its been burgled, but let them make as much mess as possible. That way when your husband comes home - he might feel a little bit sorry for you.
8. Invite yourself over to anyones house. That way your kids can make a mess there. Bring cake and treats and you may be invited over again.
9. USE BRIBERY - EVERY DAY! create a cupboard of delightful sugar-filled treats, stickers, kinder eggs, whatever works. Keep some in your handbag too. Whatever stops your child from having another meltdown.
10. Keep snacks and drinks spread around the house at child level, that way when your child asks you for a drink for the 50th time that morning, he or she can get it herself.
11. Order your shopping online! If I have to do another shopping trip with my monsters in tow, I fear I may leave them in the carpark.
12. Forget feeding your children healthy nutritious home cooked lunches and dinners. Bring on fish fingers, peas and chips, plain pasta, cheese sandwiches, pizzas, or even those cookies you baked at an attempt to be a wholesome mother. Anything that can be made in under 10 mins is just perfect. They will survive.
13. Make sure you order lots of wine. This is to be enjoyed every evening. And as an Australian would say : scull it down if you have to.
14. Keep a calendar and tick off each day. Just think you are one day closer to freedom.
15. Pat yourself on the back. Every day. Your kids are still alive and none of them have come to serious bodily harm.

Monday, 14 September 2015


So I just have to share this exciting new label - Tiba + Marl with you.  On a mission to provide us mums with fun, stylish and contemporary changing bags that we won't be ashamed to have hanging over our shoulders. Tiba + Marl was created in 2015 by London Dui, Anna Tizard and Lydia Barron. Both mothers, they spotted a gap in the market for contemporary, trend inspired parent changing bags. Both with a background in fashion buying and designing, its no wonder they have already had such great success.

Thursday, 10 September 2015


This has got to be one of Henry's all time favourite activities. He absolutely adores cooking, and I intend on encouraging this completely. I love that he loves being creative with it "Mum, why dont we cut up some nuts and raisins and add some glitter too". Brilliant.

Here is a quick little recipe for you to try this with your little ones. I would spend 1 day baking and the next day decorating to break it all up. It can be quite messy, especially if you are doing it with toddlers.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


One of my favourite purchases at the moment has been this massive basket weave bag from Morocco.  You know you have found a good accessory when people stop you on the street, asking you where you bought it.. I do love dressing minimally but equally I love wearing something bright and cheerful and Summer is my chance to do that. Not only is this bag brilliant for the kids as you can dump everything in it (only mothers will understand how much kit you need to take out with you on a days outing) but also because O loves the pom poms and playing with the woollen tassel. 

With Summer coming to an end, I felt the urge to pull this bag out for one last hoorah. Please note how  I am wearing my leather jacket - yes folks its only the last couple of weeks of august and I am feeling that wet cold chill in the air already... boooooo! 
Anyways thank god I could pull this bag out for one more wear and just pretend that Summer is still in full swing.  I don't think I will get away with wearing this one on a cold, wet, and windy autumn day.