Friday, 14 November 2014


One of my favourite things to do when the cold weather hits is remind yourself of the great summer you have had and dream about the next summer! then bug down in front of the fire and get your hygge on for Christmas.

This was the last day with Lisbeth in Copenhagen and after a manic week at fashion week it was great to have a last catch up. So we did a coffee/brunch pitstop on the way to the airport. If you ever make it to Copenhagen in the summer - you have to go for a little wander down at Islands Brygge Harbour Bath ( Havnebadet ) ... We ended up going on a day that was a little chilly and overcast so not thriving with people but on a hot weekend it is a great place to enjoy the sun and get out of the heat..

The harbour water is incredibly clean in Copenhagen (may I just add) and danish harbours and beaches are considered one of the cleanest in the world. Can't wait to bring Henry next Summer, he is gonna freak when he sees it!


Wow! cant believe its been 3 months since my last post.  I guess I shouldn't feel bad about this - I don't have any official followers other than my husband, close friends and family but still there is a feeling of guilt when you feel you haven't followed through on something. I set out to do this blog as a creative outlet alongside my design and styling work. I have been incredibly busy shooting these past few months so with managing that and a family it doesn't leave much time to blog.

What a better way to kick off the blog again by announcing that THERES A BUN IN THE OVEN! Our nest is growing, and we will expecting another little baby Saul on the 21st March 2015. (Another reason why I have been so silent on the blog :) I have spent the past 3 months feeling utterly exhausted and generally feeling a bit yucky. )

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Sorry for yet another post from Copenhagen but I couldn't forgive myself if i didnt share this little gem of a place with you. One of my favourite spots in Copenhagen is Christianshavn - I lived there for a year after school and if I ever went back - I would love nothing more than to call it my home again ( I used to live in the apartment opposite from Helena Christensen, and would admire how glamorous her and her son looked on a sunday morning wearing tracks). Christianshavn is alos home to famous restaurant Noma (world's best restaurant) and if you havent heard of it then please do go onto their site and check out their incredibly menus.  And the infamous Christiania - the self governing 'freetown', is also a stones throw from Christianshavn metro station - well worth a visit - however its much changed from its original inception in 1971 you can still pick up a psychedelic artwork from a local artist and ponder lifes questions with a joint if thats what you are in to. With its colourful terrace buildings, beautiful canals and waterways, vibrant cafes and restuarants and the Golden tower overlooking you and gleaming in the sunshine there really is no place more 'hyggeligt' than Christianshavn in my eyes.

As we took an early evening stroll through the area we decided to grab a bite at the Copenhagen Street food markets and watch the sun go down with a glass of rose and a bowl of something yummy. 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Y-3 x WOOD WOOD A/W 14 15 // CPHFW

Thursday was a great day in terms of shows, in the morning we went to Stine Ladefoged and then Edith & Ella.
After we were invited to the Wood Wood store on Gronnegade for a few drinks in the afternoon sun to preview the Y-3 A/W 14 -15 collection. Wood Wood has been a favourite store brand of mine for a long time and my husbands, who will regularly shop in their store in Berlin.

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Copenhagen Fashion Week holds a special place in my heart, I love London too and of course Sydney but there is something about the collection of talent thats found here that's like no other, this unpretentiousness that makes you feel like everything here is done from the heart - there is no-one trying to be something they are not and everyone's style is so unique, personal and individual. And yes i may be biased being half Danish but its true. Anyways enough ranting about how good Copenhagen is. A definite highlight for me this year was Wali Mohammed Barrech's show.


One wouldn't normally associate nordic countries with sweltering humidity and blazing heat but the sun has been out , crisping the edges of our skin nicely. But I shouldn't complain, because we wouldn't want it any other way - there is something so magical about Copenhagen in the summer.

Monday, 28 July 2014


So last week we had a splendid trip to Barcelona for the weekend, however our Ryanair baggage allowance - 10kgs for both my son and myself prevented me from bringing my camera but packing light meant I was able to throw in a few purchases from Barcelona.
Spain is the land of Zara and they had their sale on.. so treated myself to a few new bits to see me through till the end of summer. These little shorts have to have been my favourite purchase overall. Perfect with a loose white button up shirt and beaded sandals and a denim jacket to throw over when the evenings get a little cooler.

We had a lovely evening BBQ in the garden celebrating my father-in-laws birthday and although the mozzies came out to join us (uninvited) - we couldn't complain too much - there is nothing like a lovely balmy evening in the english countryside.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


So there has been a trend emerging for a while.. socks + sneakers.. "sneaking" its way into all the fashion mags.. Best worn with an oversized trench and pretty skirt, or paired down with your favourite pair of ripped jeans pin rolled up to the ankle. The perfect comfy shoe option for a day wandering around your favourite shopping streets.

Here are a few of my favourites for your inspiration:

Friday, 18 July 2014

DIY // Organize // Vintage Tools Chest converted to Jewellery Box

Another prime example of how I hoard. I buy something and only take it out of the garage 6 months later to find a use for it!

I bought this vintage tools chest from Bath and West Giant Flea Market for £15. It was really beaten up and had a horrible layer of laminate wood which i had to peel off and sand down. Sorry no pics of it before.


I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful girl last week as we prepared to include some of her pieces in an editorial I was shooting and just had to share her stuff with you. Nicole graduated from London College of Fashion in July this year and I think has a really bright future ahead of her.
Nicoles creates accessories from the simple use of natural materials - wool and hair by 'wrapping' and knotting together to create incredibly affective statement pieces.

The images below are from her SS15 lookbook titled 'Wrapped'.